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From mouse to….?

I can’t be the only one. Honestly, I’m a grown woman (says she, sidestepping her age), who has run her own business for nearly 20 years, yet there is something I avidly avoid. I mean, I’m brilliant at avoiding it, … Continue reading

The man’s a genius.

So after mentioning Seth Godin some days ago, I thought I’d better go and check him out. His website is fantastic. Yes, he’s in marketing, you’re in HR. But what he says applies to you too. Actually, I’m rather in … Continue reading

Marisa did the right thing for her business

Marisa Mayer from Yahoo! has got it right, not wrong, like so many people are saying. And I know it because of this…. I work at some of my customers offices. I do this because I like the camaraderie, forming stronger … Continue reading

The Thing employees really want

In a fascinating article, Inc. Magazine gained eleven nuggets of wisdom from some of the world’s top business minds. And one that struck me seemed so logical, so fundamentally important to HR and management, that it needs communicating as frequently as … Continue reading

Nah. It’s not happening

It’s 9.45 pm. I’ve just finished a couple of things in time for deadlines. I started a blog earlier while I was on the train, but I don’t have the brain power to complete it. Lesson today? Sometimes you just … Continue reading

On a mission: Bye-bye female anxiety, hello happy

Fascinating article in The Independent this weekend about women and what connects them. By way of background, Edwina Dunn and her husband were the masterminds behind revealing shoppers’ secret habits and revolutionising the way companies target customers, most recognisably in … Continue reading


I’ve had the pleasure of working with many brilliant people over the years, and I see that only a handful jump off the fence artfully, like they were born to do it, no fears, no consequences, just great dollops of … Continue reading

Red wine rambles and forgiving moods

Something I’ve learned? That blogging every day is not always possible. In fact, so much so, that I didn’t post a thing yesterday. I feel kind of rubbish about it actually, but am not going to beat myself up. It … Continue reading

Tink tink tink

So fans of Pooh Bear will be able to see him hunched over, tapping his forehead and hoping for inspiration. That’s kind of like me, right now. It’s gone 10.30 pm and good ideas are just not coming (actually, no … Continue reading

Why employee engagement barks up the wrong tree

I don’t know if I’m unusual but one of the biggest ways I’ve learned in life is by watching others and either imitating their style - or refusing flatly to do anything like it. So it was fascinating to read Steve … Continue reading