What Others Are Saying

We asked clients if they could jot down a few words about us, and are over the moon with their support. Thank you, one and all...

  • "I find it hard to ever conceive a company re-brand, or marketing initiative, or new business launch that I would work on where I wouldn't want, or indeed insist, that PRinHR was a central figure in the plans. They have an exceptional talent for taking great marketing ideas and turning them into dynamic PR that everyone from industry expert to layman would understand."
       -- T. Murphy-Coles, Director www.lorica.com
  • "PRinHR has worked with Informa Plc for more than 6 years, initially providing support to the HR function using their significant knowledge and experience of employee benefits.  PRinHR has provided me personally with significant media and internal communications support in my capacity as Director Social Responsibility, and also in my capacity as Group HR Director of Informa. They are extremely well connected with a large number of contacts in business to business publishing and the media at large."
       -- K. Brownlie, Global HR and CR Director, www.informa.com
  • "We hired PRinHR to replace an existing agency. We immediately gained a much higher profile in publications that were truly relevant to our potential clients and have increased inbound business enquiries as a direct result. In addition to this, they are an absolute pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending their services."
       -- D. Battle, CEO, www.lorica.com
  • "PRinHR produces great results. They are knowledgable, enthusiastic, creative, and these qualities become immediately evident whether you meet them in person or talk over the phone. I emphatically recommend PRinHR to you."
       -- V. Scott, Principal Consultant, www.marshallacm.co.uk
  • "We came to the whole PR thing as complete innocents, knew we needed to raise our profile but didn't really have a clue how. If ever a business needed steering in the right direction, we did! Not only has PRinHR done some pretty nifty steering, they've got us a heck of a long way on one tank of gas.  They clearly understand us, our business and what we are trying to get over. A great deal of professional insight mixed with some gentle cajoling has brought us more coverage than we ever expected. Being exposed never felt this good."
       -- A. Clare, Managing Partner, www.shinefeedback.biz
  • "PRinHR supported A&DC's initial journey into the world of PR and has produced some good results in challenging circumstances. They are natural communicators, enthusiastic about PR, engaging and fun to work with."
       -- J. Foster, Marketing Manager, www.adc.uk.com
  • "PRinHR is a great PR business with a real in-depth focus on HR. They have delivered great results for us, and clients have commented on our growing media presence. They are very genuine, and clearly enjoy their work, I would highly recommend them."
       -- D. Marshall, CEO, www.marshallacm.co.uk