Aon Employee Benefits 


With experts like the ones at Aon, PR needs to make sure their voices are heard far and wide.


  • Create a continual flow of conversation with our journalist network to ensure that Aon’s research and expert knowledge is featured in key publications
  • Research and craft articles based on knowledge from Aon's experts. The resulting content is used in variety of digital channels.
  • Research and write award entries, securing multiple wins at key award ceremonies.

What does Aon Employee Benefits’ head of marketing say about working with PRinHR?

“Having specific, targeted human resource PR expertise and experience is invaluable. For me as a marketing specialist, knowing your audience is key to getting it right. Having someone who understands the inherent nature of our business, is one of the team and is trusted with senior stakeholders while also providing an objective and impartial view to recommend the best way forward for our brand, is ideal.

"With PRinHR we are:

  • Continually guiding, developing and managing the perception of our business to reflect our desired positioning
  • Using strong media relationships and networks to help promote Aon’s expertise, advice and thought leadership
  • Employing experts whose sole focus is human resources PR. Many companies don’t have the expertise to be able to do this in-house, full-time, so the flexibility is very workable and effective."