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The CIPD recognises that clear, concise HR communications skills are essential for anyone in HR. HR Communications training is also beneficial as employer branding is growing in importance.

“I enjoyed the communications training session; it gave me an opportunity to think about HR communications, goals, engaging others and working as a team - as well as being a good opportunity to listen to my colleagues’ ideas and perspectives.”

— Course Participant Feedback


Getting internal and external employer branding and HR communication right is proven to reduce staff turnover by 28%. Meanwhile, poor HR communications doesn’t help internal trust and can quickly see your company getting press coverage for all the wrong reasons.

Whether it's talking with board-level colleagues, the media or employee groups, HR communications training is all about gaining the right attention and support. 

What's more, participating teams can continue the coaching with small challenges after the course, to help turn new skills into everyday habits.

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We run the following two HR communications courses:

  • Engaging internal communications

  • Managing traditional and social media.

These can be combined or customised to meet your team needs.

We can also include training on ‘How to get your work noticed by award judges’ for companies keen to gain award recognition. Please get in touch by clicking below, or call us on 01932 701686

The training exceeded my expectations; the delivery was memorable, the writing exercise was very useful and relevant and tips of overcoming writer’s block especially so.”

— Course Participant Feedback