My story starts with a milkman

Kay Phelps explains how her client-led approach to PR began - literally, with a milkman…

My first PR role, as a junior in a Somerset PR agency, was largely one of stuffing press releases into envelopes.  

Our agency picked up a large local dairy as a new client. The trouble is, as a junior you tend to get a secondhand brief from an account director. But I needed to understand more, to get stuck in.

So I got up gobsmackingly early, in the dark, to go on a milk round. I don't remember my milkman's name, although he must’ve thought I was utterly mad.

I do remember some important things though - he was hard working, close to retirement and devoted to his customers – as they seemed to be to him. I learned that customer loyalty led to extra sales, which made a big difference to his monthly takings. His persona, I’m sure, helped the dairy’s brand too.

Today? I’m still on my metaphorical milk round. I love to spend time in my clients' places of work. It helps me understand more, empathise with the issues, become a part of the team - and their successes. I am trusted to understand challenges, markets, products and services as well as the situations that play out to make a business rocket.

True business insight is core to getting the results we achieve.

Kay Phelps