Pet friendly workplaces - PR success or workplace challenge? Either way, we love the pics!

Last week was London Dog Week - the PR promises "to promote connections between the dog lovers of London, forged from our shared love and appreciation of our furry friends."

Some employers joined in with the movement, letting pets accompany their staff into work for one week only, and of course, this generated some good PR, because after all, who doesn't like a cute pet pic? This got me thinking - should employers let staff bring their pets to work on a regular basis?

I've heard all sorts of arguments for and against dog friendly offices, from 'dogs are therapeutic for stress' to 'the policies would just be too much of a nightmare' and 'what about people with allergies'. These are all relevant points and HR has a delicate balance to strike.

However, a little bit of research reveals that some well-known employers offer some pretty good pet perks, including Nestlé, Proctor and Gamble, We Work and Amazon, who all allow dogs in the workplace (although of course, this may depend on your role).

Some employers offer free pet insurance. Meanwhile, West Wales Pet Food producer, Burns Nutrition, provide free kennels for staff. We are a nation of animal lovers at heart, and these perks certainly improve staff retention. Pets in the office? It's certainly something you'd remember.

One of my PR clients regularly brings their dogs into the office - and I will be honest, I adore visiting them, not just because they are great people, but because there is nothing like stroking a dog to brighten up your day, although I tend to leave my gorgeous chocolate labrador, Oreo, at home.

I'm a sucker for a cute dog picture and really enjoyed seeing the social media posts last week - so this week I'm hoping to create some of my own.

I'm going to run a quick competition for the best 'dog at work' pic over the next 7 days, just to extend the furry fun a bit longer. To enter, just like our page on Facebook and post a pic of your pet in the office. Prize will be a £15 Amazon voucher for the lucky winner, who will be revealed next Friday.

If you fancy entering, pop along to my Facebook page to learn more, and don’t forget, like the page and post a pic of your pet:

Kay Phelps