Why editorial coverage works for you, your career, your team and your business

I had a client who once walked into a very well-known prospective client’s office and the HR people there – who he’d never met before – said they felt they already knew him because of his media presence. He loved it, and the whole meeting kicked-off warmly and well.

Now, I reckon a lot of people don’t need grand attention, but there are some quietly solid reasons why PR can work for big brands, little brands and personal brands.

For starters, editorial coverage - good editorial coverage - creates awareness, trust, familiarity and warmth.

The fact remains that if a journalist writes about you, your work, your team, your knowledge or your company, it’s far more convincing, than, say, if you paid for an advert. It’s simply massively persuasive if journalists – who are usually known to be non-biased and informative – write about you and your expertise.

Frankly, having good editorial coverage is like having ‘The Force’ with you. You can:

• Build awareness of your company, your work and efforts.

• Help recruitment, retention and engagement

• Create more clout and help your career.

I’m clearly biased. - but I’m biased for good reason. One of my clients and I are working on a presentation. In that presentation, they say why PR is so important to them. They say it:

 Raises brand profile and awareness

 Helps them stay top of mind

 Reminds their target audience of their expertise

 Builds credibility

 Improves SEO

 Creates interest in brand, products and services

 Lends curiosity and

 Draws in interest from new customers

There are some potential risks with PR, and I’ll talk about these in future blogs, not least (staying with the Star Wars’ theme) keeping clear of a journalist’s dark side and how to get comfortable with PR.

In the meantime, if you have any queries at all, do get in touch. We’re here to help.be a force with you.

Kay Phelps