Traditional PR Skills that can really help HR professionals

HR is working more closely with PR than ever before, thanks to the advent of employer branding.  
And it's not surprising - here are 10 traditional PR skills that add value to an HR role:

1. Understand the audience (know the demographics of employees and what they want so your communications resonate)

2. The power of influence (understanding and maximising your influence with employees and in the boardroom)

3. Get your message right before you speak (what do you want to say and to who)

4. The power of delivery (knowing when and how to say it)

5. Identify unique selling points (talent attraction)

6. When to be silent (confidentiality)

7. Keep it interesting (encouraging employee engagement)

8. Time is money (helping clients (employees) feel valued without wasting hours)

9. Know when to automate (eg PRs send news digitally, they don't stuff envelopes; similarly HR can do better things with their time than using paper forms for booking annual leave requests)

10. Know when to make it personal - building one on one professional relationships, balancing flexibility with formality

And don't forget to gather results. By understanding what you've achieved with your PR in HR processes, you'll be able to see what's working and what's not, so step adjustments can be made. It'll also show senior people how successful your work is.

Employer branding is a great way to gain PR for your HR, which is something we specialise in - so when you are ready, get in touch.

Kay Phelps